cosmos atrosanguineus seeds for multiplication

David Pilling
Thu, 07 Jan 2016 16:37:50 PST

Every day in Summer 2015 I hand pollinated my cosmos atrosanguineus. As 
a result I now have some seed to give away.

I'd like to give it to people who will multiply it and return it to seed 

Growing it is much like dahlias, sow the seed at the end of March, 
plants start to flower at the end of June. I've found that seed is more 
easily produced crossing seed grown plants with the commercially 
available clone. I've only had seed from hand pollination.

If you'd like some seed send me a private email. I'll give priority to 
those who contribute to seed exchanges.

If you live inside the great seed wall of the USA, I require the correct 
paper work.…

David Pilling in North West England

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