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David Pilling
Mon, 18 Jul 2016 04:34:57 PDT

On 18/07/2016 00:21, Jane McGary wrote:

> Do you have suggestions about how we can make our
> website easier for people around the world to use?

To me the "web site" is the six pages of html which cover PBS related 
things like what the PBS is and how to join. Then there is the "wiki" 
which is 100's of pages with 1000's of photos devoted to plants.

Perhaps we could offer translated versions of these six pages, with the 
possible addition of the wiki home page.

Maybe just a summary page in different languages which covers the basics 
clearly - like the PBS does not sell bulbs to order.

I'm always relieved when web sites offer me an English language version, 
  otherwise I use Google translate and that may be the cause of some 

David Pilling

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