Brodiaea californica

John Wickham
Mon, 18 Jul 2016 05:51:48 PDT
Most bulbs from California require a dry, dormant summer. The leaves of B. californica wither about the same time they begin to flower, and then they'll go into dormancy. At that point, you'll want to keep them in a dry, cool place. Not sure when they'll come out of dormancy in your location, so you'll want to watch that. Here in Los Angeles, they emerge around December and bloom in late May. I actually have some in the ground that are just ending bloom.
I wouldn't characterize forms by size unless they are significantly different. I've seen the inflorescence reach as high as three feet. Those looked almost like an Agapanthus. Flower color can vary, that would be a better indicator of cultivar forms. 

John Wickham

    On Monday, July 18, 2016 3:17 AM, Brian Whyer <> wrote:

  I bought a pot of this yesterday in a plant fair. 2 forms available, perversely 1 labelled up to 28" the other up to 24", but in similar bud the other way round. Mixed up at source I guess. Anything special I should know about it for the UK climate?Also bought Paris polyphylla. That was a surprise plant fair buy. ;-) Hopefully it has been pollinated before I bought it. I live in hope.

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