Brodiaea californica

Jane McGary
Mon, 18 Jul 2016 11:51:40 PDT
Brodiaea californica is probably the tallest of the western American 
Themidaceae, and also the latest to flower. Once established, the 
flowering stems can reach 3 feet/1 metre. It is a good garden plant for 
me in northwestern Oregon, given good drainage on a slope (a seedling 
flowering in clay on the flat is shorter). If you have a slope, plant it 
deeply. The leaves are usually withered by flowering time, and they are 
very long and lax, so it's best placed among other vegetation. Most of 
mine are among drought-tolerant shrubs such as manzanita (Arctostaphylos 
spp.) and Ceanothus.

There is some color variation in this brodiaea, from pale pinkish to 
rich lavender. The corms produce offsets.

Jane McGary

Portland, Oregon, USA

On 7/18/2016 3:12 AM, Brian Whyer wrote:
>   I bought a pot of this yesterday in a plant fair. 2 forms available, perversely 1 labelled up to 28" the other up to 24", but in similar bud the other way round. Mixed up at source I guess. Anything special I should know about it for the UK climate?Also bought Paris polyphylla. That was a surprise plant fair buy. ;-) Hopefully it has been pollinated before I bought it. I live in hope.
> Brian
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