Bulb import permits

Russell Stafford, Odyssey Plants russell@odysseybulbs.com
Mon, 07 Mar 2016 19:07:29 PST
Bob is correct.  Bulbs that are free of soil do not require an import 
permit, as per USDA/APHIS Circular PPQ Q.37.3.  This has been the 
case for as long as I've imported geophytes.


At 09:35 PM 3/7/2016, you wrote:
>Where are you getting this info?  Unless the rules have lessened, 
>which seems impossible only 12 plants or less can be imported 
>without import permit.   I see no exclusion for European countries 
>regarding this rule.
>Yes packages with phytos in the box or in plastic may make it 
>through undetected but to be legal they are supposed to be routed to 
>an inspection station.   If seeds from Europe require either a small 
>lots permit (with inspection ) or a general permit with phyto and 
>inspection I don't see how plants and bulbs would require less.
>Tim Chapman

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