Pacific Coast Irises

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 31 May 2016 06:54:57 PDT
My husband and I recently traveled north and did some hiking and 
visiting in Northern California, Oregon, and southern Washington. I've 
been adding some new photos to the wiki from our trip. I've been working 
on the Pacific Coast Irises page and adding species seen in the wild. We 
met Kathleen Sayce and I've added photos too of some of the amazing 
hybrids she grows in her garden in Washington. Many of these she grew 
from seed. I decided there were enough photos to make a page for the 
hybrids. She helped me with some of the text. We both agree that we are 
lucky to live where it is easy to grow these plants. It's been a 
glorious year for Iris douglasiana where I live which has been blooming 
for months and months, in some instances in masses. We've had a normal 
rainfall year after years of drought and that probably helped.……

Mary Sue

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