Pacific Bulb Society SX 7
Fri, 25 Nov 2016 09:26:03 PST
Dear PBS members,

The seeds listed below have been donated by our members and friends to 
be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of these seeds, **please email 
me PRIVATELY at:**

Please put "SX 7" in the subject line.


Depending on my time, I may or may not reply to your order.

Please also include your shipping address (even if you've provided it 
previously). When you receive your seeds, you will find, enclosed, a 
statement of what you owe the PBS treasurer 
($2.00 US per packet of #’s 894 – 992), ($1.00 US per packet of earlier #’s)
(+ shipping and handling).

Many of you are signed up to the PBS email discussion list, which is 
free, but are not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly 
are not a member, please consider joining so that you can participate in 
future offers such as this one. Go to:
for membership information.

Thank you to all of our generous donors!

813    Albuca aff. flaccida (a volunteer); MSW
814    Allium cernuum; NN
816    Bellevalia dubia ex Greece; NM
820    Camassia quamash; NN
821    Colchicum sp. mixed, OP; AT
824    Crocus goulimyi, ex Greece; NM
826    Crocus tommasinianus 'Pictus'; RdV
828    Dahlia 'Bishop's Children'; DK
831    Freesia laxa; ME
847    Iris lutescens, ex S. France; NM
848    Iris pumila, ex Georgia; NM
850    Massonia "echinata", ex NARGS OP; RdV
851    Massonia "pustulata" ex BX 337 OP; RdV
852    Massonia hyb. aff. pustulata, ex NARGS; RdV
853    Muscari aucheri; NM
855    Muscari pseudomuscari ex Iran (Pseudomuscari chalusicum); NM
858    Nothoscordum gracile var. macrostemon; RdV 
859    Nothoscordum sp. ex Harry Hay; NM
860    Ornithogalum albomarginatum; MSW
864    Polyxena corymbosa (Lachenalia); LJ
867    Scilla hyacinthoides; LJ
869    Scilla melaina ex Turkey; NM
872    Scilla siberica 'Alba'; RdV
877    Sinningia cardinalis, ex BX; RdV

894	Acis ionica; AP
895	Albuca sp., yellow; RW
896	Allium myrianthum, ex Ruksans, tall, 4" drumstick, July;  RdV
897	Allium sp., ex Chiapas; NN
898	Androcymbium rechingeri; AP
899	Babiana ecklonii; DF
900	Babiana 'Jim's Choice', ex Jim Duggan; DF
901	Babiana pulchra, white; DF
902	Bloomeria crocea; JM
903	Brodiaea californica ; JB
904	Brodiaea elegans ; JB
905	Calochortus albus; RW
906	Calochortus amabilis; RW
907	Calochortus clavatus subsp. clavatus; JM
908	Calochortus clavatus subsp. gracilis; JM
909	Calochortus dunnii; JM
910	Calochortus howellii; JM
911	Calochortus longibarbatus; JM
912	Calochortus luteus; JB
913	Calochortus nudus; RW
914	Calochortus obispoensis; JM
915	Calochortus simulans; JM
916	Calochortus superbus; JB
917	Calochortus venustus, red; RW
918	Calochortus venustus, typical form; NN
919	Calochortus venustus, white; JB
920	Calochortus venustus, white; RW
921	Calochortus weedii var. intermedius; RW
922	Calochortus weedii var. weedii, brown edge; RW
923	Calochortus weedii var. weedii, yellow; RW
924	Calydorea amabilis; NN
925	Chlorophytum saundersiae; AG
926	Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus; NN
927	Delphinium cardinale; JB
928	Dichelostemma capitatum; JB
929	Dichelostemma ida-maia; JB
930	Dichelostemma multiflorum ; JB
931	Dierama pendulum; CP
932	Dierama pulcherrimum; CP
933	Erythronium revolutum; JJ
934	Eucomis zambesiaca; FT
935	Freesia laxa subsp. azurea, less hardy than F. l. subsp. laxa; MR
936	Freesia laxa; CP
937	Fritillaria affinis; RW
938	Gelasine coerulea, OP; NN
939	Gelasine elongata; AP
940	Gladiolius carneus, pink; AP
941	Gladiolus carinatus; AP
942	Gladiolus equitans; AP
943	Gladiolus pritzellii; NN
944	Gladiolus splendens; AP
945	Gladiolus venustus; AP
946	Gladiolus watermeyerii; AP
947	Habranthus robustus; RdV
948	Habranthus tubispathus; NN
949	Herbertia lahue; NN
950	Herbertia pulchella; NN
951	Hippeastrum 'Exotica', selfed; SV
952	Iris cycloglossa; AP
953	Ixia 'Giant'; DF
954	Kniphofia citrina; CP
955	Lilium chalcedonicum; AP
956	Mirabilis longiflora; JG
957	Moraea bellendenii; RW
958	Moraea britteniae; AP
959	Moraea ciliata, tall blue; RW
960	Moraea ciliata, white; RW
961	Moraea gigandra; DF
962	Moraea marlothii; AP
963	Moraea polyanthus; RW
964	Moraea pritzeliana; AP
965	Moraea tulbaghensis; RW
966	Moraea vegeta; RW
967	Moraea vespertina; RW
968	Narcissus broussonetii; AP
969	Narcissus rupicola; JM
970	Nectaroscordum tripedale; AP
971	Oziroe biflora; JM
972	Paeonia lactiflora, single pink, white, red; RdV
973	Romulea eximia; AP
974	Romulea monadelpha; AP
975	Romulea requienii; AP
976	Sprekelia formosissima; NN
977	Thalictrum tuberosum; JM
978	Triteleia hyacinthina; JB
979	Triteleia ixioides; JB
980	Triteleia laxa; JB
981	Tritileia clementina, OP; NN
982	Veltheimia bracteata; DF
983	Wachendorfia thyrsiflora; CP
984	Zephyranthes drummondii, white; BH
985	Zephyranthes flavissima, OP; NN
986	Zephyranthes katheriniae, red; RdV
987	Zephyranthes 'Krakatoa'; NN
988	Zephyranthes magnoi, ex Telos; RdV
989	Zephyranthes minima; RdV
990	Zephyranthes pulchella, dk yellow; RdV
991	Zephyranthes smallii, pale yellow; RdV
992	Zephyrathes primulina, ex Makela; RdV
	AG = Alberto Grossi
	AP = Angelo Porcelli
	BH = Bob Hoel
	CP = Charles Powne
	DF = Dee Foster
	FT = Fred Thorne
	JB = Jim Barton
	JG = Judy Glattstein
	JJ = Jan Jeddeloh
	JM = Jane McGary
	MR = Mike Rummerfield
	NN = Nhu Nguyen
	RdV = Rimmer de Vries
	RW = Robert Werra
	SV = Sabrina Vollnhals

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