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Jane McGary
Sun, 30 Apr 2017 10:36:51 PDT
At our PBS board meeting this morning it was observed that this forum 
has been less active lately, and we'd like to encourage more 
participation. One way to do that is to revive a feature called "Topic 
of the Week." Much discussion and improvement to the PBS wiki grew out 
of this.

I'll start the ball rolling with a post, but perhaps one or more of you 
would like to step forward and offer topics in subsequent weeks. Please 
do! There must be things you've been observing and thinking about in 
your bulb collection that would encourage others to join in.

We don't have to limit this to one topic a week, either. Several threads 
can run simultaneously, because our membership is so diverse. Some will 
respond to topics on South African bulbs, for instance, while others may 
want to talk more about species hardy in temperate or even cold 
climates. When I look through the "Favorite bulbs" entries in our 
membership database, I see everything from Alstroemeria to Zantedeschia. 
Just now someone joined who specializes in tuberous Begonia. We have 
amaryllid fanatics and species lily growers.

So think about a topic you'd like to start, and send your post, please!

Jane McGary

Membership Coordinator, PBS

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