Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 15:13:00 PDT
Hello Shmuel,

Achimenes are easy plants to grow and very rewarding because they flower for a long time. They do not mind being potted on even if they are in full growth. But obviously it is best to take the rhizomes out of the old compost and repot into fresh compost while they are still dormant. Skipping repotting does not harm them but due to overcrowding the quality of the plant is inferior. I put 10 strong rhizomes into a 20cm pot, planting 2-5 cm deep. If the rhizomes have sprouted before repotting the shoot easily breaks off but even such a rhizome will sprout later. Any good potting compost with good humus content, good aeration and drainage will do. What they cannot take is sudden drought during growth, they are ideal on automatic irrigation. They can take more sun than one thinks but in Israel not full sun and not too hot a place. Frequent but weak fertilizing is very beneficial, too much can burn them.
Dormancy totally dry in the pot in the compost otherwise the rhizomes may dry out too much the plants will show you when they are ready to go dormant.
Some time ago I wrote an article for the Swedish Gesneriad Society about my way of growing Achimenes, I can let you have it 

Have fun with them 


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