WARNING - Fake Chen Yi

Greg Ruckert greg@alpacamanagement.com
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 15:09:35 PDT
This is a new scam to me, haven't ordered from Chen Yi since the late 
1990s. This was an email from "June Shang". It clearly wasn't just sent 
to me.


Just a quick remember , My name is Mrs.June Shang from China. I am the  
account officer /nursery agent for Mrs Chen Yi of Chen Yi Nursery,  
China. I have the instruction of Mrs. Chen Yi to send your  plants 
ordered months ago and packaged in a box.

With maximum confidentiality strictly between us, I discover that the 
Spanish custom are suspecting the content of the box.This is the reason 
, why i am writing this urgent mail to you. I  wish to honestly full 
disclosure to you that the box  sent through EurMove doesn't contain 
plants as order by you , but it contains money totaling $8.2million in 
bundle of 100 dollar notes arranged in columns and rows and registered 
as "gift"  with a diplomatic seal.

This money belongs to a late Chinese Farmer ,who wishes to invest 
outside china and if this money is not transfared within  weeks from 
today ,the Government will seize the money.Since the owner is dead and 
nobody has come to claim the money since last year.I am the only person 
who knows about this money.I wishes to invest the money in your country 
and i felt you will be able to handle this issue for us on account of 
our past business trust and relationship with China.

Note, i have all the documents to this money as its legally acquired . I 
shall be offering you 30% of the total sum, 10% will cover for all 
logistics and expenses while i take 60% . Meanwhile, an agreement will 
cover this sharing capital to give you all assurances.I will not cheat 
you nor betray you. And assurance that you will not run away with my money.

Please bear in mind that Eurmove does not know the contents of the 
consignment, and you must not declare or disclose to them or anybody the 
true contents for security reasons. Also note that whatever expenses/fee 
that you might/may incur during the course of this transaction will be 
refunded back to you, also you must maintain secrecy.DO NOT DISCLOSE TO 
MRS CHEN YI ,I will loss my job and  she doesn't know about the money.

Kindly provide me with these detail , upon receive of these detail i 
shall furnish you with the company details in Spain to contact and 
request for the delivery of the box.

Mobile Direct Number:

Re-confirm Delivery Address:

You are protected during and after this transaction for the trust i have 
in you. This is more lucrative and you have nothing to be afraid of, we 
are both into this business and make it strictly secrecy and private 
between us strictly.After this transcation, you shall have capital to 
expand your  business.

I hope i can trust you and you will not betray me or run away with the 

Revert back to me asap.

June Shang

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