Oxalis repotting

Anita Roselle anitaroselle@gmail.com
Fri, 28 Apr 2017 14:13:12 PDT
I have had a pot of an oxalis for over 50 years. I aquirred it in Mass.
when I lived there, now that I am in North Carolina I have found that many
places here it is hardy.

It is a three part leaf of a light green that closes up in the evening, the
flower is a nice pink with a number of blossoms on each stem. I have used
it as a house plant all these years as it blooms almost all year.

I want to repot it as it is not as vigorous as it used to be and has moss
all over the soil, in the past I would just unpot it and replant the tubers
in new soil. I did not wait for dormancy as it did not go into it on its
own and I did not know that it should.

My question, after all that explination, is:

What is the best way to repot it so I do not lose it. Do I dry it off so it
goes dormant or do I just repot it in fresh soil?
What kind of soil does it do best in?

Your help will be appreciated,
Anita Roselle
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