Papaver Peoniflorum Flower Seeds SX

Pamela Zivney via pbs
Wed, 26 Apr 2017 16:34:05 PDT
Pamela Zivney Turner Oregon Zone 8  
I have several packages of mixed fresh seed from 2017 harvest of 7 colors  
of Papaver Peoniflorum, Double Peony Poppy. I would like to trade for seed  
that I can plant in zone 8 Turner Oregon. I will plant the seeds for my own  
use and also to sell for our kitty rescue for 
kitty  food, meds and shelter. If anyone would like to trade or gift our rescue 
with  seed to sell please let me know. As always, 100% goes to the Kitties 
and we feed  over 40 every day. We have helped to spay and neuter 182 as of 
April 2017. Our  story is in the Statesman's Journal Newspaper in Salem 
Oregon  here:… and  in their archives it shows the pictures of the 
Red Heirloom Poppies. 
I look forward to hearing from you folks in PBS but trade or not, I am  
happy to be here for mostly, I simply love to garden and be with like minded  
people! Im not great at navigating this site please bare with me. Pamela 
Zivney  Zone 8 Turner OR
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