General PBS Etiquette Questtion

David Pilling
Thu, 27 Apr 2017 04:37:16 PDT
Hi Shmuel,

On 27/04/2017 10:04, Shmuel Silinsky wrote:

> non-member I don't have rights to use the BX, but is it acceptable to write
> to the list and say I have these things available?


> May I send things to the
> BX for list use?


If you are giving seed away there's no problem.

The problems arise when people want to sell things. Information is 
acceptable and advertising is not. Being told once that something is 
available is OK, a frequent post of the latest offers is not.

As to thanking people, often done by private email. One person 
commenting on a good reply to the list can be reasonable, gets tedious 
when lots start saying "me too!".

That's my understanding, the PBS board have the last word. The posting 
guidelines are here:

David Pilling
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