General PBS Etiquette Questtion

Shmuel Silinsky
Thu, 27 Apr 2017 02:04:24 PDT
I am unfortunately not a member of PBS (financial priorities etc), but am
in a situation (I live in Israel) where many interesting seeds come my way,
but native and cultivated. Right now my Veltheimia bracteosa and Gladiolus
carneus are setting lots of seed. Also Israel natives Belvallia flexuosa
(on persons weed may be another's treasure) and a personal delight -
Ornithogallum montanum. I am happy to share things and like trading. As a
non-member I don't have rights to use the BX, but is it acceptable to write
to the list and say I have these things available? May I send things to the
BX for list use? I don't want to just throw them out. I have been contacted
privately by some members and have done some very satisfactory trades,
especially for some of the rarer Israeli plants, though it may take time.
What should I do?

Also, wonderfully, there is a lot of action on this list. Is it best to
reply with a thank you for a good answer, or does that just clog up the
list and people would just understand that their info is appreciated. Of
course in a reply, I hit "reply" - "CTRL A" and Delete before startng my

Thanks for a wonderful list and a great onliine community.

Shmuel Silinsky
Jerusalem, Israel
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