Ixia Polystachya & Ixia Viridiflora

Debra Nichols wiggiedog@earthlink.net
Thu, 13 Apr 2017 08:37:56 PDT
Hello Bulb People:

I am a "Bulb-Newcomer," even a "Garden-Newcomer," coming to Santa Barbara, CA 13 years ago from an X,Y,Z coordinate in the Chicago Skyline.  

I am looking for two plants:  1) Ixia Viridiflora and 2) Ixia Ploystachya.  The wonderful thing about Santa Barbara is you put anything in the ground and it seems to grow.  I have become quite taken with the plants listed and it seems they are appropriate for my "Zone."  Any thoughts, insights or ideas about where these may be purchased would be appreciated.  (Oh, and I saw a post a few weeks back about bringing things in from other places.  Any consideration on that matter is also appreciated.)  Due to the drought, our nurseries are very limited in what is available.  It has even been difficult to get roses.

Many thanks,

Debra N.
Santa Barbara, California (Zone 11)

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