Ornithogalum sigmoideum vs. O. sintenisii

penstemon penstemon@Q.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2017 09:24:59 PDT
how does one tell the difference between these two short stemmed Mediterranean thogs?
Ornithogalum sigmoideum 
Ornithogalum sintenisii
and is “Ornithogalum nanum” one of these?

Plantarium considers O. nanum to be a synonym of O. sigmoideum.
The differences between O. sigmoideum http://www.plantarium.ru/page/image/id/41420.html
and O. sintenisii http://www.plantarium.ru/page/image/id/70751.html aren’t easy to spot; might need a key. 
Freyn was the author of both species so there must be differences.
Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado, USA
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