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Tue, 22 Aug 2017 07:04:54 PDT
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From: Anita Roselle <anitaroselle@gmail.com>
Date: Tues. Aug 22,2017
Subject: Cyclamen
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I have several pots of cyclamen started from seed several years ago. This
year one of them is blooming and the corms are right up against each other.
I would like to re pot them but I don't know how to handle them at this

What is the best way to care for them at this time? Should I re pot them
now while blooming or wait until they go dormant?  Most of the corms do not
have any foliage or blooms. The corms are about 1/2" in diameter. What is
the best soil mix to put them in when they are re potted?

Thanks for your help with this,
Anita Roselle
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