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Tue, 22 Aug 2017 08:26:55 PDT
This is a good time to pot up those cyclamen babies.  Growing so close
doesn't harm them but if you leave them a while that way, it's good to give
a dilute liquid feed or bone meal.  Just depot, put into a new, small pot or
into a large one, spacing them 1-2 inches apart, spreading the roots out,
with the tubers level with the soil, more or less.  Water in well.  You can
add bone meal at this time but no other fertilizer until they've been in
their pots 3-4 weeks and are showing signs of active growth.  I transplant
cyclamen anytime they're in growth, but not usually while completely
dormant.  For cyclamen in pots, never allow them to totally dry out because
even if you discover it and water them, the tubers often soften and rot.
Sad to say, I've learned this lesson the hard way....

However, as they are usually breaking dormancy about now, I'd go ahead.  If
in growth, they could be a bit floppy but it won't matter by next year.  I
transplant seedlings up to 3/4-inch into 2"x3" "rosepots" and use a good
quality free-draining soil mix.  Depending on the species, I may add a
little 1/4-10 gravel or pumice of similar size.  The less peat in the mix
the better as it retains moisture too much or dries out and is difficult to
rewet.  When cyclamen totally fill their pots with roots then move up to the
next size only.  Do not overpot, which means putting them in a pot too

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