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Anita Roselle anitaroselle@gmail.com
Tue, 22 Aug 2017 09:46:24 PDT
Thank you Robin,

These little Cyclamen are the first 'bulbs' that I have started from seed
and I am very attached to them, I love Cyclamen. Should I put them in Clay
pots or plastic, I have both.

I keep seeing the item pumice listed, I do not know what that is, I have
never heard of it, where do you get? I have used gravel, grit, clay beads
and that sort of thing for added drainage. I have been growing orchids and
perennials for most of my gardening life and only had the usual bulbs in
the garden.

I do not think that I have appropriate soil conditions to grow C. in the
ground, I will  have to do amendments to it for them to survive. I do not
know what they need to be successful. I would love to have an area where
they naturalized.

Anita R.
Brevard, NC,
where the clouds came in and only partially obscured the eclipse at the
moment of totally, Incredable view!

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 11:26 AM, Hansen Nursery <robin@hansennursery.com>

> This is a good time to pot up those cyclamen babies.  Growing so close
> doesn't harm them but if you leave them a while that way, it's good to give
> a dilute liquid feed or bone meal.  Just depot, put into a new, small pot
> or
> into a large one, spacing them 1-2 inches apart, spreading the roots out,
> with the tubers level with the soil, more or less.  Water in well.  You can
> add bone meal at this time but no other fertilizer until they've been in
> their pots 3-4 weeks and are showing signs of active growth.  I transplant
> cyclamen anytime they're in growth, but not usually while completely
> dormant.  For cyclamen in pots, never allow them to totally dry out because
> even if you discover it and water them, the tubers often soften and rot.
> Sad to say, I've learned this lesson the hard way....
> However, as they are usually breaking dormancy about now, I'd go ahead.  If
> in growth, they could be a bit floppy but it won't matter by next year.  I
> transplant seedlings up to 3/4-inch into 2"x3" "rosepots" and use a good
> quality free-draining soil mix.  Depending on the species, I may add a
> little 1/4-10 gravel or pumice of similar size.  The less peat in the mix
> the better as it retains moisture too much or dries out and is difficult to
> rewet.  When cyclamen totally fill their pots with roots then move up to
> the
> next size only.  Do not overpot, which means putting them in a pot too
> large.
> Robin
> Hansen Nursery
> robin@hansennursery.com
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> coast of Oregon
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