A Question for Haemanthus Experts

Peter Taggart petersirises@gmail.com
Thu, 24 Aug 2017 12:19:41 PDT
Could be many reasons, but perhaps the plant simply wants to go dormant in
Spring time?
Peter (UK)

On 24 August 2017 at 19:02, Eugene Zielinski <eez55@earthlink.net> wrote:
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> >Subject: A Question for Haemanthus Experts
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> >Hello PBS Forum Members.
> >We received a question about Haemanthus humilis (Giant Form). If you can
> address Victoria's concerns, please reply to her personally <
> victoriavdbeek@gmail.com>. Or, you can reply to me and I will forward
> your message.
> >>
> >>Hi Eugene,
> >>
> >>I have a very small Haemanthus Humilis Giant Form that\'s not doing very
> well.
> >>I bought about 5 months ago and it was very perky and looking good. The
> seller recommended repotting it because the roots were so large it was
> about to break it\'s plastic pot. I repotted to the next size up and it was
> doing well for a while and now that we\'ve hit winter in Melbourne,
> Australia, it\'s started to spot, split on the leaves and droop overall.
> >>It\'s always been kept inside in an average temp room, bright light and
> no drafts or direct sun. I water occasionally, not letting the soil
> completely dry out. I\'ve never changed it\'s position or how I care for it.
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