Marcelle Sheppard (forwarded from Tony Avent)

David Pilling
Thu, 24 Aug 2017 13:11:39 PDT
Forwarded from the old list


Hi Folks

I spoke with a friend today, who just got off the phone with retired 
Texas crinum breeder, Marcelle Sheppard, age 86.  Despite rumors to the 
contrary, Marcelle is fine, and now living in a retirement home near 
Palestine, Texas.  Although a bit feeble, her mind is sharp as ever. 
She has turned over her crinum collection/garden to one of her long time 
workers, April Howell.  April is trying to figure out what she’s got and 
how to possibly continue.  I’ll pass along more updates as I get them.

Tony Avent


David Pilling
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