Albuca spiralis and other delights

Lola L Horwitz
Sat, 30 Dec 2017 09:39:22 PST
I am also a grower of A. spiralis Fizzle Sizzle. This is its first winter
with me and it's decided to send up a flower after flowering a few weeks
after I bought it last summer. I appreciate all the comments, especially
Jane's who throws fish tank water on her bulbs and orchids.
   Speaking of which, The Lady of the Night (Brassavola cordata) opened her
flowers (one stem only, alas) after years of waiting and watching. If
Albuca's fragrance comes close to this Lady's I will be quite happy. We
need such delights during the dark season.
   A pot of Lachenalia bulbifera from PBS bulbex last October is also
blooming, a very nice pink. Thank you, PBS.
   Meanwhile, in my presently very cold alpine greenhouse, various narcissi
are either blooming or, I hope, getting ready to, thanks to Nancy Wilson
years ago and Jim Archibald, even more years ago. My newest source other
than nargs seedex and PBS is Anne Wright, owner of Dryad Nursery in
Yorkshire, whom I met on a Greene Tour to Portugal, Spain and Morocco when
narcissi were in bloom. She has an amazing list!
   Lola, in snowy, cold Brooklyn

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> I have two pots of Albuca fizzle sizzle that I got a couple of years ago
> from Logee?s Greenhouse in Connecticut. They have a mail-order business.
> It is unclear that this plant is really Albuca spiralis. It certainly
> had the little spiral springs when I got it. One was a split bulb, and
> the other was a single bulb. The leaves , not unwinding the spirals,
> were about 8 inches tall. That year, we got 3 flower spikes,
> greenish-yellow flowers, fragrant They live on a west -facing
> windowsill, but it is in a corner right next to a south-facing window
> and under a big skylight, so light isn?t a problem. I was busy (and
> stupid) and didn?t put them outdoors to be fertilized, so no seeds. The
> next year, one smaller spike. Their windowsill is behind a huge clump of
> papyrus growing in a fish tank, so, out of sight, out of mind. They?
> might have gotten a cup of fishtank water every couple of months, and no
> fertilizer. Now they are in active growth, 19 inches tall with several
> turns at the end of the stalks but no impressive spirals. They look
> pretty happy, actually, and have gotten a cup of fishtank water about
> once a week for the last four weeks.
> Obviously, I have no idea how to grow this plant, and my experience with
> it should not be considered as advice. Perhaps I have just found a way
> for it to die slowly. I have underwatered rather than overwatered.
> The fishtank is made of tile and is let into the floor. It holds about
> 225 gallons of water, lots of fish, and several kinds of papyrus, some
> poufs of which kiss the skylight. This water makes orchids rebloom.
> Jane Sargent
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> Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 08:20:38 -0800
> From: "Hansen Nursery" <>
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> Subject: Re: [pbs] Albuca spiralis
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> Thanks to Uli for the photo of his Albuca!  Mine, rescued from a rotted
> bulb
> is gradually opening, just not as far along as Uli's, but it already is
> exhibiting some fragrance.  He's right that some fragrant flowers can be
> way
> too much if you have very many!  All of the comments have been wonderful,
> detailed and specific to the point that  I feel better about continuing to
> try growing this genus.
> I don't know why, but I'm always shocked when I fail so miserably at
> growing
> something like Albuca, given that I grown a lot of other bulbs with few
> problems....  Ah, humility is a wonderful gift if we just accept it and go
> on!
> Robin
> Hansen Nursery
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