Jane Sargent
Fri, 29 Dec 2017 05:15:02 PST
I have two pots of Albuca fizzle sizzle that I got a couple of years ago 
from Logee´s Greenhouse in Connecticut. They have a mail-order business. 
It is unclear that this plant is really Albuca spiralis. It certainly 
had the little spiral springs when I got it. One was a split bulb, and 
the other was a single bulb. The leaves , not unwinding the spirals, 
were about 8 inches tall. That year, we got 3 flower spikes, 
greenish-yellow flowers, fragrant They live on a west -facing 
windowsill, but it is in a corner right next to a south-facing window 
and under a big skylight, so light isn´t a problem. I was busy (and 
stupid) and didn´t put them outdoors to be fertilized, so no seeds. The 
next year, one smaller spike. Their windowsill is behind a huge clump of 
papyrus growing in a fish tank, so, out of sight, out of mind. They  
might have gotten a cup of fishtank water every couple of months, and no 
fertilizer. Now they are in active growth, 19 inches tall with several 
turns at the end of the stalks but no impressive spirals. They look 
pretty happy, actually, and have gotten a cup of fishtank water about 
once a week for the last four weeks.
Obviously, I have no idea how to grow this plant, and my experience with 
it should not be considered as advice. Perhaps I have just found a way 
for it to die slowly. I have underwatered rather than overwatered.
The fishtank is made of tile and is let into the floor. It holds about 
225 gallons of water, lots of fish, and several kinds of papyrus, some 
poufs of which kiss the skylight. This water makes orchids rebloom.
Jane Sargent

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