Winter Storage of Dormant Tender Bulbs

Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:30:07 PDT
If you need cold storage, you might try that old trick my grandparents used the
autumn the root cellar got flooded and they had to store their "bulbs" (for them
these were carrots, potatoes, beets, and grandma's begonias) in the back yard. 

Dig a hole a couple of feet deep... the dimensions of a "mini-coffin" for a
good-quality cooler... you know, the one you kept the beer in all summer. The
old way was t line it with several inches of straw, but the cooler's insulation
will do that, and the cooler itself will keep out vermin. Line the cooler with
brown craft paper, and layer the bulbs so they don't touch each other, etc., you
know the routine. Cover the cooler with something like an old rug. Cover that
with a tarp whose edges will stick up beyond the original lever and back the
dirt. Whenever you need to get back into the cooler, just pull back the corners
of the tarp. Like my grandparents potatoes, the bulbs will have gotten a very
good chill without freezing. You can google the instructions ... look under
"root cellars." Or if you have any old, nostalgic, hippy friends, ask for their
back copies of "Mother Earth News." Just an idea.
Jo-Ann Canning
Vancouver Island

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I did have a friend in Connecticut with a spare refrigerator in the basement. In
summer it was used for beer and soda, in late autumn winter it was used for pots
of tulips, daffodils etc getting their chilling before forcing.

Jim McKenny, if I had a spare refrigerator I could winter-store these Tigridia
pavonia as you suggest - it sounds like an ideal method. But alas, I only have
one refrigerator, crammed full of food. Besides, between the numerous large pots
of cannas, amorphophallus, sauromatum, Mirabilis longiflora, etc I think a
walk-in cooler would be required.

Judy in New Jersey where last night's torrential rains - total of 1.7 inches -
will no doubt send the banana into overdrive

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