Winter Storage of Tender Bulbs, Reprised

Judy Glattstein
Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:56:44 PDT
Alas, Jo-Ann, much as I really like your grandparents root cellar 
alternative in my case the backyard would look as though I had pygmy 
elephant traps scattered around. In winter my garage already has several 
supermarket banana boxes with cannas, also very large pots of canna (I 
do love Canna musaefolia who must love me, the way they multiply. And I 
have run out of friends to gift them to, have not the heart to compost 
the excess.) Basement gets trays of amorphophallus, sauromatum, ismene / 
hymenocallus. Hippeastrum that want to go dormant go into the basement, 
those that want to be evergreen go into cool greenhouse. Crinum and 
XAmarcrinum - I did try the basement but they were not happy so they 
also go into the greenhouse. Which is getting crowded . . .

Cannot win - if plants die we say they are miffy. If they thrive and 
multiply the complaint is they are becoming aggressive. Here's to the 
BX! as a home for excess bulbs!

Judy in New Jersey where the sun has come out but more rain is forecast

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