Kathleen Sayce
Fri, 31 Mar 2017 09:29:00 PDT
From gentian21:

Basically i can only grow cyclamen in mounds of pure decomposed leaf mold. Some sandiness is ok but no native soil. ?That will tolerate excess moisture from the rediculous rainy spells we can have while not turning hard like peat moss or peat when drying out. ?Maybe it is anaerobic bacteria or insects. ?I think they need a more cosistant moisure that varies only with the seasons. ?Growing seeds or any corms in pots is very easy. ? ?

. . .

Could you tell us more about your climate and soil? I garden in sand (fine beach sand, acidic, and well drained) and have cyclamen all over my yard (yay! ants). Never water the plants. I also do not amend the soil. They are wet all winter due to rain, growing in soil that drains quickly, and dry all summer. 


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