IRG March 2017 notes

Fri, 31 Mar 2017 13:48:38 PDT

IRG 87 - March 2017

Spain retains its attraction to draw visitors keen to enjoy a break and 
see wildflowers at the same time. Răzvan Chişu,
a Romanian who now lives and works in Cheshire recalls an early spring 
trip to Alpujarras.
Răzvan recently took over as Editor for the Saxifraga Society and is 
been much involved in Plant Heritage projects and Hardy Plant Society 

The charming garden of Hana Zíková in Bohemia is introduced by Zdenek 
Zvolanek with photos by Zdena Kosourová.

We do hear more from the male of the species but there are also talented 
female Czech gardeners; !

Ian Christie, himself a former SRGC president, describes a new Galanthus 

named for a sadly missed SRGC former President, Harley Milne who died 
last year.

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