prohibited plants

Kathleen Sayce
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 12:30:33 PDT
This thread of comments re prohibited plants has me giggling, I must admit. Cyclamen as weeds? Terrifically easy to extirpate—just dig out the corms. 

As for Oregon’s lists of noxious plant species, this state includes native species as noxious weeds. I suspect it’s been too easy to get particular plants onto this list in past decades, including too little review of pertinent details, such as natural distribution, toxicity, and ease of control.

As for species to avoid, this is the top of my list:  
Homeria/Watsonia is a thug for me, spreads terrifically easily by seed, seedlings burrow as though jet propelled to depths beyond normal digging (ten-twelve inches). 
Hyacinthoides xmassartina, same issues as above; fast burrowing seedlings to depths of more than ten inches. I can catch them only in the first 1-2 years, after that they are too deep for easy removal. The smallest fragment left behind results in large clumps of more bulbs. 
Zandeschia ethiopia, Calla Lily; ever tried to dig out a clump? I have, and the tubers can be more than 22-26 inches deep. 
Allium roseum; tiny darned bulbs, miss one and you have a clump in two years. I’ve dug and screened them out of one area 3 times and still they keep coming back. 

PNW, where it’s been a long, wet muddy winter, with no end yet in sight. 
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