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Khanh Duong via pbs
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 06:16:55 PDT
 Dear All,
Please be aware of the following:
1) Many of the so-called 'diseases' are or may be consequential from people incompetently self-importantly doing the wrong things, industrially exploiting/pimping, spraying, GM, and generally weakening the plants and habitats, 'ecosystems' and inter-relations, in question. Nature is, you might say, 'fighting back'. Such diseases do not often arise or harm strong non-weakened forms of life. To inform obliquely in this regard, a television program noted the reactions of some peoples in the North Western USA to the wolves (trying to live) in that area. Generally the humans felt that "The Wolves just don't belong there!", and they were/are oh-so happy to kill/exterminate the wolves, especially if the wolves dare to try to find food via the town(s) in question. But it is the (colonial) humans who moved there, who do not think and behave properly, who smother and fragment the lands in those areas with roads, towns, railways etc..., and it is the humans who then presume to say that it is the wolves who are 'bad', 'prohibited'. It is the incompetent self-important humans who are at fault, not the wolves. The wolves (of that ilk, at least) did not make ships, sail abroad, destroy the ability for the natives to be free, turn most of the a continent into megacities and megafarms in less than two human lifespans (~140 years or so), and invent laws with enforcement to get rid of most o all wild life. The wolves (of that ilk) did not do that... Putting lives to work, prostituting them, pimping them, exploiting them, forcing them to "Do you Yield!? increase your Yields! Yield we say!", will inherently break such lives. Prohibiting 'fresh' species to 'repair' the natural world, is yet another part of the chosen incompetence by so many humans. They do not listen to Nature and to those who tell the Truth, but instead try to subjugate/subdue and prohibit and to fight Nature and those who tell The Truth. The errors in their (your?) equations and production lines are being shown very clearly.
2) Some of those making-up the (SEEDED/SEEDING, thus TRAINED, propagated and propagating!) Plant-Prohibiting legislation, or at least the advice going towards its invention, are genuinely well-meaning, even if in error. However, most may be of vested interests, simply in error, andor are using such invented routes/ROOTS/My-SEAL-EYE/-'em Mycellium BRANCHe'S' of legislation for other interventional purposes that are NOT for your and Nature's benefit, and that are insidiously intended to excuse enforcers to come into your lands, at your expense, to alter the world to suit their global plan(s), rather than what is right... This is happenning, is C(III)-->Dead  SEE-DEAD SEED'ED(MONDE Black AddER) Seeded, Globally... Please be aware of this...  For example, let us say that you are trying to grow plants that truly do suit the natural world in your region, provide for life's needs, suit the wildlife, and also suit the possible changes of climate, for example. They, however, simply make-up school-playground legislation, with the henchpersons and scholl badges to enforce, they come onto your land, accuse you as how-eve-are however they have invented, take the plants away and at your cost, and you are invented to be a 'bad' person, and you are made to fund them, and they wrap it up as if they are the 'good' persons, whereas it is usually the contrary. The Planet is expected to put up with this. They PLANT ENGINEER-RING PLANT-'S' and tourist resorts and Forest Logging operations and towns and cities and ports etc... world-wide, but if you plant a Cyclamen, they invent to call you bad... With school playground legislation and made-up badges, etc.. and demand pocket money from you and others...
Do you see the (Pacific) LIGHT of the Plant'dead Plant-'S' Planted Bulb-'S' Societies, yet...?
Dolores Umbridge and colleagues, replete with Snatchers, make up much of the legislation, including Prohibited Plants, and they will not Stay on Deck 16... (DEC'K(ay) = Decay, incidentally...)   SEC-you-all-are SECular C(III)-->Dead Seeded, you see
Please pass this privately to all whom you wish...
Chris[am using an aquaintance's email address for this communication]

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