Prohibited plants (EU)

Wylie Young via pbs
Thu, 23 Mar 2017 04:03:35 PDT
 Several years ago I wanted to import some South African bulb seeds, so I went to my local Agricultural office, and was told the Phyto Certificate was required. The company in SA said that because they get seeds from small farms, it was impossible to provide the certificate. Now days I buy from I did order once from, but their site prevented me from putting anything in the basket. The big list came about because the Olive trees in Italy were devastated by the Xylella bacteria. The EU's answer was to ban everything that the bug that transmits it likes; and after court challenges, the infected trees were cut down, burned, and the list enforced. The bacteria is now in Corsica, so the whole Mediteranean area is in danger.Wylie
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