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Hi All,
You ought please to be aware, regards 'Invasive Species' Lists and similarly:
1) Some involved in compiling such lists are well-meaning, albeit perhaps sometimes naïve and/or easily-led (astray);
2) Some (many) may be DeLiberate'ly nefarious, with alterior motives - note that all of the motives are usually not conveyed with such invented 'legislation', they are stated fate fait acompli take it or be arrested.... Increasingly-many of the plants being placed on the 'Prohibited' Lists (inc. import/export) are those that would be conducive to humans being able to live wild and free from the landscape, much as Chenopodium quinoa was invented to be illegal for the Aztecs by The Invaders...so similarly plants are being added to these lists with a variety of ulterior motives (and, yes,  protect vested/corporate/blinkered interests). Many of the plants on the lists (or at least parts of them), and many STATEd as being 'Invasive', are usually Edible by humans and/or are useful in some other way, such as for timber, wood fuel, back-ups in case of loss of other species (e.g. Robinia pseudoacacia is on many lists world-wide, yet is a very useful plant to humans and to bees, readily coppiced and/or suckers, provides quality woodfuel and timber, and can act as a back-up if other tree species succumb to disease (e.g. Ash), yet who cares in the legislative commities, hmmm? If people live in the landscape, instead of being mandated to go to the shops for everything or else, then they would 'naturally' 'manage' such plants. Japanese Knotweed, Japanese Wineberry, Gaultheria shallon, as just three examples, are all edible and useful to humans, let-alone to Bears and other forms of life, and which would 'naturally' be 'gardened' by humans living 'naturally'. But such persons are largely disallowed, made 'illegal', by invented legislation. There are too many humans, and almost all such humans are unskilled and insensitive with regards to the natural world. and/or are used to 'living' indoors, shopping indoors, and  writing legislation indoors...That might not always to be case, however.;
3) Some may be incompetent;  
4) It is invented to be LEGAL and LAWFUL (L-AWFUL) to industrially rape, pillage, plunder, pollute, exploit, enslave, smother, farm, fragment, frack, 'develop', buy, sell, and spy on and spy using the landscape, seas, skies, Planet(s), etc... and to invasively spread more bureaucrats and their henchpersons, more industrial estates, more roads, dams, housing estates, skysRAPERS, oil refineries, factories, warehouses, ports, etc... but it is invented to be illegal for some plants to eke out their apparent existence in what remains of the undermined fragmented polluted "DO YOU YIELD!? YIELD!! YIELD I SAY!" forced-to-yield Mother Earth...and the legislators are increasingly ordeRING those increasingly-few areas too... They can destroy Planet(s), but will invent legislation for you to be arrested for being honest, or dropping littler, or for J-Walking between Oil-Industry-provided nature-smothering nature-fragmenting roads and sidewalks... Perhaps many of the Invasive Species list creators should look into the Mirror when writing, and write what they see...?
5) A proportionately very few species (of those listed) ARE presently invasive, and are necessarily on the list. Note: Humans, including 'Expansionist-Agenda' human groups, are not yet on the 'Invasive Species' lists... Quite a blind spot, that...
6) Planting Seeds... Epi-Sowed  Episodes... Broadcast-Sting BroadcastS Sowing... Nursery Schools...TRAINING and Being TRAINed... Do you know your Planted Onions, and Plant-Dead Mould 'Made from Clay'. and can you BREAK THE MOLD MOULD...!?  Prohibited Plant-'S' takes on other  intensely practical and serious meaningS... PaSS this around, because they will (routinely do) invent to make the Truthful peoples illegal, just as they do the plants and animals just trying to live free... Those who seed and thus live as GOOD seed, so to speak, could be those who in the future are 'allowed' to 'inherit the Earth' as the proverbial saying goes, but there are very many who variously try to invent to make that illegal and for a price... Does that switch on any Pacific(-Northwest Great Bear Rainforest Widespread Rapacious Invasive Destruction/Logging) LIGHT Bulb SOCIETY('S')... Do you see the planted LIGHT Bulbs, or easily EA-Sill-'e' and artificially L.E.D.?
7) To reiterate: Some of those involved in compiling the Invasive Species lists are Well-Meaning, even if Naïve...
All the Best,
Chris.[today using an acquaintance's email address for this particular communication]


    On Monday, 20 March 2017, 22:25, James Waddick <jwaddick@kc.rr.com> wrote:

 Dear Friends
    These list are almost always ridiculous becuase they are made up by elected or volunteer plant lovers who are neither botanists, ecologists, taxonomists or any kind of scientist.  They wouldn't know a Dandelion from an Endive in many cases. 

    These list come together from rumors and newspapers of fabulous tales of some rare plant ‘taking over’ their back yard.

    Go to one of the state ‘Native Plant  Facebook lists” and be amazed at the utter lack of knoweldge most people have about any plants and especially about what is “native”, ‘invasive”, “endangered” etc.

    It is unfortunate when any local or state entity gives these imaginary lists some official status without any kid of scientiifc or botanical review. Happens all the time.

    The proverbial ‘Grain of salt’ is needed big time when looking at these list, but some are hilariously wrong.         Just don’t count on the lists as scientific fact.         Jim W. 

On Mar 20, 2017, at 4:44 PM, Garak <garak@code-garak.de> wrote:

at least Germany seems not hysterical about forbidden plants - for us it's mostly about the classical drugs - only trouble about that: it's actually quite difficult to get rid of Papaver somniferum in some areas, as many gardeners allow it for the pretty flowers and rather beautiful seed heads - and try to keep that seedmonster under control if both neighbors have it seeding freely...

there is a EU list of 37 "unwanted" species, plants and animals, which definitely is not present in the awareness of the public, with the most known and obvious plant candidates would be once again 2 Heracleums, Eichornia Crassipes and, surprise, Kudzu. Most interesting for the List should be Lysichiton americanus. I have no idea if this is enforced in any way - I guess the racoons on the animal side of the list would choke to death from laughing at the idea anyone could get rid of them...

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