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Hansen Nursery
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:57:26 PDT
" Hederifolium taking over Robin?"  In reply to Jan Jeddeloh's comment - I must say that having tossed seed out a number of years ago amid the grass and weeds of my country lawn, both coum and hederifolium are reseeding gently.  I do not water this area but given that we're six to seven months into the rain year beginning Sept. 1 with 66 or so inches when a normal year is 62-64 inches for 12 months, they could spread more rapidly, although they are on old dune (sand, basically) and what passes for full sun here at the coast.

What I usually see is coum taking over much more rapidly than hederifolium so Jan's father's experience is certainly different.  As for 2,4D, certainly it and Roundup or glyphosate used on Crocosmia is a worthless endeavor so far.  Maybe my timing is wrong as I had success with glyphosate in early spring just when ivy was putting out new growth.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery

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