WAS - prohibited plants; NOW Who makes up these lists?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Mon, 20 Mar 2017 15:25:25 PDT
Dear Friends
	These list are almost always ridiculous becuase they are made up by elected or volunteer plant lovers who are neither botanists, ecologists, taxonomists or any kind of scientist.  They wouldn't know a Dandelion from an Endive in many cases. 

	These list come together from rumors and newspapers of fabulous tales of some rare plant ‘taking over’ their back yard.

	Go to one of the state ‘Native Plant  Facebook lists” and be amazed at the utter lack of knoweldge most people have about any plants and especially about what is “native”, ‘invasive”, “endangered” etc.

	It is unfortunate when any local or state entity gives these imaginary lists some official status without any kid of scientiifc or botanical review. Happens all the time.

	The proverbial ‘Grain of salt’ is needed big time when looking at these list, but some are hilariously wrong. 		Just don’t count on the lists as scientific fact. 		Jim W. 

On Mar 20, 2017, at 4:44 PM, Garak <garak@code-garak.de> wrote:

at least Germany seems not hysterical about forbidden plants - for us it's mostly about the classical drugs - only trouble about that: it's actually quite difficult to get rid of Papaver somniferum in some areas, as many gardeners allow it for the pretty flowers and rather beautiful seed heads - and try to keep that seedmonster under control if both neighbors have it seeding freely...

there is a EU list of 37 "unwanted" species, plants and animals, which definitely is not present in the awareness of the public, with the most known and obvious plant candidates would be once again 2 Heracleums, Eichornia Crassipes and, surprise, Kudzu. Most interesting for the List should be Lysichiton americanus. I have no idea if this is enforced in any way - I guess the racoons on the animal side of the list would choke to death from laughing at the idea anyone could get rid of them...

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