Ismene amancaes bulbs

Peter Taggart
Fri, 03 Mar 2017 06:27:01 PST
My limited experience of amanacaes is that it grows from mid/ late Summer
until mid Winter, grown indoors/ under cover in the northern Hemisphere. I
would not give such bulbs much water to wake them up, rather a little
humidity and wait for them to grow enough leaf to use water, before wetting
the soil.
Peter (UK)

On 3 March 2017 at 13:49, norton cuba melly <> wrote:
> Endemic to Peru, they act as indicators of the beginning of winter, since
> they are the first plant to flower between June and July, they also are
> indicators,  of ENSO ( El NiƱo South Oscillation) by flowering less than
> normally. I have germinated 29 out of 31 seeds. The seeds are green
> photosynthetic, they germinate as soon as they fall on the ground, so I
> dont think its the kind of seed you can save for a long time in comparison
> to other plantas of "lomas" ecosystem. I hope I can have positive results
> giving the bulbs  their first cycle in May. Any advice of how to reactivate
> them?
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