Arisaema sikokianum

Rimmer deVries
Fri, 24 Mar 2017 06:24:02 PDT
a few questions:
- are you planting the sikokes out in the garden with a pocket of the peat based potting soil? or “bulb" freely in native soil?
- do the local native Jack’s have any rust?
- where is your generalized locality

SE MI zone 5/6

> On Mar 24, 2017, at 9:16 AM, Anita Roselle <> wrote:
> I would like some input on a problem that I have with Arisaema sikokianum.
> I can grow it from seed with no problem, then transplant it to small pots
> with Pro Mix potting soil, it grows beautifully. Then when I plant it in my
> garden it shrivels up and dies, even a full grown plant given to me grew
> one season and then died.
> I have had my soil tested and it was extremely acid, would this have caused
> the quick demise of my plants? I have not had this extreme a reaction to my
> soil by other plants but many plants do not do as well as I would like.
> I have applied the right amount of lime but am hesitant to plant again.
> I have about 40 small pots of A. sikokianum that I don't want to kill.
> When lime is applied how often does it have to be done again?
> There are a few native Jack's in the woods but not as many as I would like,
> maybe they are affected by the acid as well. Any suggestions on this
> situation would be very welcome, I am a good grower and this really
> frustrates me. If it is not the acid what could it be, there has never been
> any pollutants on my property, it is a north slope partly wooded hillside
> that has never been anything else.

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