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Sat, 25 Nov 2017 11:55:31 PST
I am the grateful recipient of about 40 books from a plant-crazy lady of 94
who was forced to downsize when moving.  I've hardly begun to go through
them but among them is one wonderful book Lilies of the World published in
1950.  It contains the most incredible amount of historical, geographical
and nomenclatural (up until 1950) information of lilies in one place that I
have so far seen in my admittedly narrow-lived life. Oh yes, there is also a
huge amount of cultural information and many discussions of various species
with pros and cons of splitting versus lumping.


Does anyone have any other old but still very valuable bulb books that they
could recommend as useful to those of us on limited budgets or who live in
relatively remote areas?  It's all very well to search the internet for
these types of books, but personal reviews detailing why and how they're
useful is something else.


Robin Hansen

Hansen Nursery


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