Anemone blanda tubers - when to plant?

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Sat, 25 Nov 2017 11:57:04 PST
I asked
>> I have garden center Anemone blanda tubers I wish to plant in a large container.
>> Daytime temperatures here are still in the 80s F / 27+C.
>> Nights are in the upper 50s F / 13-15C.
>> Should I plant these now, or wait until it's a lot cooler?

I was rhetorically asked
> Curious; what do you think would happen to them? It was 74F/ 23C here yesterday.
> If you had planted them last year they would be in the same temperature situation now.

Funny! Had I planted them last year, they would still be in a container with dry soil, after spending the summer inside the house in a closet.

Of course, I meant: When should I begin watering Anemone blanda tubers that have been stored dry?
Should I put them into soil in a container now, and water now?
Should I put them into soil in a container now, and wait to water until temperatures decrease?
If so, what is a good temperature range to wait for?
Are night temperatures of more concern than day temperatures with regards to deciding when to plant?
Are high day temperatures also a problem with this plant?
Ancient versions of the Sunset Western Garden Guide said these should be soaked overnight before planting. Is this still considered good advice?

Leo Martin
Zone 9?
Phoenix Arizona USA

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