Moraea tricolor corms not sprouting -2 years

Mike Rummerfield
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 18:34:29 PST
I've had the same frustration with other bulbs, most notably *Nothoscordum
felipponei.  *It seems less apt to grow after being out of soil for any
length of time.  I potted up some dry bulbs of it three years ago.
Absolutely nothing the first two years, despite the bulbs being present and
firm.  I pretty much ignored them, but was careful to keep them from too
much moisture.  They have produced leaves this year.  Go figure!  Just a
little too early in its cycle for possibility of bloom yet.  I usually have
the very first in bloom by Thanksgiving.  I overwinter them in an unheated

Not much help I'm afraid.  Patience may be your best bet.  Don't give up on
your Moraea yet.  Hopefully others will have more helpful and encouraging

I'm located a little over 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of you; i.e.,
similar growing zone.

Good luck,

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> I don't know but had a similar experience with some moraea.  I assumed
> that varmits ate the bulbs last year but no, they are covered with a
> screen.  This year they produced green leaves but no blooms.  The bulbs are
> firm and look fine.  I am located in NO CA
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> Hi,
> I have two corms of Moraea tricolor that are not sprouting.  I planted
> the corms in September 2015 in a free draining soil mix in a cool
> greenhouse.  They have been in the cool greenhouse ever since.  I have
> watered them sparsely a few times during their winter growing seasons,
> and they were totally dry all spring and summer.  The corms are firm,
> they show no signs of rot.  They have no roots.  They're just sitting
> there.
> Does anyone have any idea why, or if there is something I can do to get
> them going?
> thanks,
> Sarah
> Zone 7a
> Enumclaw, Wa
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