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Pamela Slate myixia1@gmail.com
Wed, 15 Nov 2017 16:48:38 PST
Thrilled today when I found all five of my Scilla madeirensis in bloom in a
raised bed. Equally fun are the Hyacinthoides lingulata (syn Scilla
lingulata) from BX 404 (07.16 - thank you Mr. de Vries!) and they are
diminutive and charming in pale blue with contrasting tones and are
delightfully new to my bulb gardens. The Hessia stellaris just finished
flowering and this year had two flowers. Mary Sue Ittner (thank you much!)
sent me her remaining bulb from three (I think) after realizing this one
was better suited to my climate than hers which seems to have been a wise

Here in North Scottsdale, AZ, it's been a weird year for bulb flowering.
The Hippeastrelia, Rhodophiala and Habranthes spp. were unparalleled in
late summer but many others skipped. I lost many Scilla peruviana but
Lachenalias, Orniths and Albuca are now growing vigorously as the weather
finally cools and am expecting flowers soon as they typically do.

Looking forward to the species Freesia.

Best to all,
Pamela Slate
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