Bessera elegans

Michael Kent
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 18:42:07 PST
I have a question for more experienced Bessera growers...

I have a pot of about a dozen Bessera corms. Due to an extremely wet
Spring/Summer, the corms died back in late July- early August after a light
flowering. Once the soil dried out a bit, I moved the pot into an unheated
basement in mid-August (basement temp is usually 40-55 F year-round).

As of ten days ago, one of the corms suddenly sprouted, despite not being
watered at all since early August. The sprout popped up, and extended to
about an inch and a half in length over a matter of a few days, but hasn't
changed in the last five days. The wiki says to keep the corms dry all
winter. Should I water the pot, and maybe move it to a warmer location, or
just ignore the sprout?

I've only had the Bessera since this Spring, so have no prior experience as
to what is 'normal.'

Thank you.

In the currently chilly Zone 6A Finger Lakes area. I also have a Lycoris
aurea in bloom despite being in an inappropriately small pot. It really
liked the wet Summer.
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