Germinating Petronymphe decora seeds

Bruce Schroder
Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:19:13 PST
Is there anyone who can provide me with advice on germinating seeds of the
above?  There was a post back in 2010 seeking the same advice but as far as
I can make out, there was no specific response.  Under what conditions does
it flower and then set seed?  Should the seed be sown immediately ie as
fresh as possible or wait for an appropriate season?

Once germinated then I need advice on growing (assuming I get this far!)

I understand the species is very restricted in its habitat and grows on
steep rock faces(??) so presumably it requires good drainage once
established.  This is about all I can find out about the species.  Does
anyone have any further information on its natural range - is it hot/wet in
summer, dry in winter?  Does it grow in exposed locations or shaded
crevices?  When is its growth season?  Does it flower before the leaves
appear or is it evergreen?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Bruce Schroder
Melbourne, Australia
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