Pacific Bulb Society SX 9

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 13:11:26 PST
Dear All,

The seeds listed below have been donated by our members and friends to 
be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of these seeds, **please email 
me PRIVATELY at:**    

Please put "SX 9" in the subject line.

AND LIST THOSE NUMBERS IN NUMERICAL ORDER. Orders will be accepted until December 15, 2017.

Please also include your shipping address (even if you've provided it 
previously). When you receive your seeds, you will find, enclosed, a 
statement of what you owe the PBS treasurer 
($1.00 US per packet of #’s 1 - 79), ($2.00 US per packet of higher #’s)
(+ shipping and handling).

I will not confirm my receipt of your order but will notify you, eventually, if NONE of your requests is available.

Many of you are signed up to the PBS email discussion list, which is 
free, but are not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly 
are not a member, please consider joining so that you can participate in 
future offers such as this one. Go to:
for membership information.

Thank you, to all of our generous donors!


BS = Bruce Schroder
CC = Chris Cooper
CP = Charles Powne
CX = Chris Cox
DF = Dee Foster
Dfe = Dan Fetty
DK = Dennis Kramb
GD = George Dees
GS = Glenn Skinner
JB = Jim Barton
KC = Karl Church
KP = Keshab Pradhan
LF = Linda Foulis
LP = Lee Poulsen
LW = Linda Wulf
MK = Mike Kent
MM = Mike Mace
MSW = Monica Swartz
PH = Pamela Harlow
RdV = Rimmer de Vries
RW = Robert Werra
SS =  Shmuel Silinsky
TM = Tom Masinter
UU = Uli Urban
? = donor identity has been lost

OP = open-pollinated

1   Albuca tenuifolia (A. shawii); JM
2    Albuca tenuifolia (A. shawii); UU
4    Brodiaea coronaria; PH
5    Brodiaea jolonensis; RJ
7    Canarina canariensis; UU
9    Canna hyb. 'Tropicanna', red dw, 24 - 30 inches, bronze lvs; Dfe
12    Cypella herbertii; PBS (FEW)
16    Ennealophus euryandrus; DK
17    Freesia viridis; CC
25    Hemerocallis hybrids, many colors; Dfe
26    Herbertia lahue,  Brazoria County, TX; GS
32    Iris  x norrisii, 'Dazzler'; DK
33    Iris chrysophylla, whitish self;  Dfe
34    Iris domestica x I. dichotoma, Candy Lilies; Dfe
35    Iris setosa, dark blue; DK
36    Iris 'Sybil' hybrids, blue shades; Dfe
37    Iris tectorum; DK
38    Iris tectorum; JM
39    Iris,  Pacific Coast hyb, white; PH
40    Kniphofia, border hybrids, 18 - 30 inches, yellow, orange, maroon, vigorous; Dfe
41    Lachenalia mutabilis; CC
42    Lachenalia pusilla; CC
46    Manfreda brunnea; GS
47    Manfreda maculosa x M. virginica; DK
48    Manfreda maculosa; GS
49    Massonia depressa, ex Cameron McMaster; BS
50    Massonia pustulata, ex Cameron McMaster; BS
51    Ornithogalum (Galtonia) candicans; UU
56    Romulea flava; CC
57    Schizobasis intricata; GS
58    Sinningia eumorpha, purple, ex Coll Clenilson Souza; RdV
59    Sisyrinchium patagonicum; DK
60    Sparaxis metelerkampiae; CC
61    Sparaxis parviflora; CC
62    Tigridia vanhouttei; MSI
64    Tritonia dubia; CC
69    Manfreda virginica; DK
70    Canna flaccida; cold-hardy in Z 6; DK
76    Massonia echinata, ex NARGS/Corina Rieder; RdV
79    Massonia depressa; CH

83    Albuca bracteata; MSW
84    Albuca sp. "type A"; MSW
185  Allium unifolium; MSI
85    Alstroemeria isabellana 'Taiacupeba'**; PBS
86    Alstroemeria ochracea 'Alagoa'**; PBS
199  Amaryllis belladonna 'Multiflora hybrids', pink; MM
191  Anticlea elegans; LF
87    Aristolochia macroura; KP
88    Arum italicum; ?
89    Brodiaea elegans; JB
200  Brunsvigia josephinae, OP; MM
90    Calochortus albus; RW
91    Calochortus amabilis; RW
92    Calochortus argillosus, central form; RW
93    Calochortus luteus; JB
94    Calochortus palmeri (var. palmeri); RW
95    Calochortus plummerae; RW
96    Calochortus superbus; JB
97    Calochortus venustus; JB
98    Calochortus venustus; RW
99    Calochortus weedii; RW
100    Chlorogalum pomeridianum; JB
101    Cipura flava** (C. xanthomelas); PBS
102    Cipura paludosa**; PBS
198    Crossyne flava, OP; MM
103    Cypella plumbea** (Phalocallis coelestis); PBS
186    Delphinium nudicaule; MSI
104    Dichelostemma capitatum; JB
105    Dichelostemma ida-maia, "Firecracker Flower"; RW
106    Dichelostemma multiflorum; JB
107    Dierama pauciflorum; CP
108    Eithea blumenavia**; PBS
109    Erythrina herbacea; MSW
110    Freesia laxa, salmon flowers, red centers; MK
111    Freesia viridis; ?
112    Fritillaria affinis; RW
187    Gladiolus carneus; MSI
113    Gladiolus huttonii; ?
114    Habranthus estensis**; PBS
115    Habranthus itaobinus**; PBS
182    Habranthus miniata (Rhodophiala advena); RdV
116    Habranthus robustus, OP; MK
192    Habranthus robustus; GD
193    Habranthus tubispathus, 8 diff. clones + pink, mixed; GD
117    Herbertia sp., ex Lageado?**; PBS
118    Herbertia tigridioides**; PBS
119    Hippeastrum 'Evergreen'; KC
120    Hippeastrum psittacinum 'Atibaia'**; PBS
121    Hippeastrum psittacinum**; PBS
122    Hippeastrum puniceum**; PBS
123    Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium**; PBS
124    Hippeastrum solandriflorum (H. elegans) 'Jaiba'**; PBS
125    Iris (Louisiana type), blue shades; Dfe
126    Iris (Louisiana type), purple shades; Dfe
127    Iris bracteata; Dfe
128    Iris domestica; CP
129    Iris graeberiana; Dfe
130    Iris hookeri; DFe
131    Iris prismatica; Dfe
132    Iris setosa, white; Dfe
133    Iris virginica, 6 - 7 ft. free-fl, pearly lavender; Dfe
134    Lachenalia mathewsii, wet slope; MSW
135    Lachenalia reflexa; MSW
136    Lachenalia rosea; MSW
137    Lachenalia rubida; MSW
138    Lachenalia unicolor; MSW
139    Lachenalia viridiflora; MSW
188    Lilium maritimum; MSI
190    Lilium philadelphicum; LF
140    Manfreda  'San Francisco'** PBS
141    Manfreda maculosa; KC
142    Massonia 'Addo'; ?
143    Massonia echinata, ex Mesa Garden; MSW
144    Massonia pustulata; MSW
145    Massonia sp.; KC
146    Mirabilis jalapa, 'California Wild Magenta'; MK
147    Moraea bellendinii; RW
148    Moraea ciliata; RW
149    Moraea polyanthos; RW
150    Moraea sisyrinchium (Gynandriris), wc Jerusalem, Israel; SS
151    Moraea tricuspidata; RW
152    Moraea vegeta; RW
153    Moraea vespertina; RW
154    Narcissus papyraceus; UU
155    Ornithogalum (Galtonia)candicans; CP
156    Ornithogalum maximum (Albuca), granite; MSW
157    Ornithogalum shawii (Albuca); CP
158    Pancratium maritimum; UU
159    Pasithea caerulea**; PBS
160    Phaedranassa tunguraguae**; PBS
179    Phaedranassa tunguraguae; RdV
161    Polianthes howardii**; PBS
195    Rhodophiala "grandiflora" (R. granatiflora?); GD
196    Rhodophiala bifida, pink; GD
194    Rhodophiala bifida; GD
162    Sparaxis parviflora; MSW
189    Tecophilaea cyanocrocus, mixed varieties; LP
163    Tigridia pavonia**; PBS
164    Trimezia martinicensis**; PBS
165    Trimezia rupestris (Neomarica)**; PBS
166    Triteleia hyacinthina; JB
167    Triteleia ixioides; JB
168    Triteleia laxa; JB
169    Triteleia peduncularis; JB
170    Veltheimia bracteata; DF
184    Wachendorfia thyrsiflora, LW
197    x Hippeastrelia 'Durga Pradhan'; GD
171    Zantedeschia 'Hercules', 7 ft tall; CX
172    Zephyranthes citrina; CX
173    Zephyranthes drummondii, coll. Buffalo Rd, San Antonio, TX; TM
174    Zephyranthes drummondii, coll. Honeysuckle Ln, San Antonio, TX; TM
180    Zephyranthes macrosiphon; RdV
183    Zephyranthes 'Pink Beauty'; RdV
175    Zephyranthes primulina; ?
181    Zephyranthes primulina; RdV
176    Zephyranthes reginae**; PBS
177    Zephyranthes smallii, OP; MK
178    Zephyranthes sp. (x Cooperanthes) OP; MK
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