Canarina canariensis seed pod

Susan Clark
Sat, 21 Oct 2017 14:25:42 PDT
Hi everyone,

First time posting - have meant to try it out for quite awhile! I love the
diverse range of questions that come up from all over the world, and the
huge collective knowledge that is out there. I’ve been growing mostly South
African bulbs from seed for the last 3 years, with quite a few of them
recently flowering for the first time:)

My question today is quite pressing as I have a second Canarina seed pod
about to mature. The first one turned a bright orange and was soft and
squishy to the touch. I picked it, as it was probably going to become a
snack for some passing mouse or bird. I then pulled the fruit open,
thinking that the pulp would dry out and I could separate the seeds out.
Well, the result has been a mouldy congealed mess:( I was wondering if you
could treat them like tomato pulp spread out on a paper towel? I certainly
want to improve with this effort, and have something approaching the nice
packet of seeds I started out with!

Kind regards,
Susan Clark
(Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland, New Zealand, Zone 10b)
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