Canarina Seeds

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Sun, 22 Oct 2017 05:59:08 PDT
Hello Susan,

You describe a fully ripe fruit of Canarina canariensis which likes to rot and mould.
Although nobody would like seed from such kind of fruit it does not necessarily mean the seed is dead. 
I have found fruits of wild Canarina on the island of Tenerife where they scrambled through blackberries (Rubus species) and the plants were already mostly dormant. The fruits had dried but no mould occurred. Most of the few fruits within reach in between the thorns had been half eaten by some animals. Your assumption that this might happen is very right! I found it difficult to extract the seeds from the dryish pulp but eventually succeeded. In your case I would recommend you open the second fruit before it starts to rot and spread the content on kitchen tissue paper. The content is rather sticky and maybe difficult to spread. And later you can extract the seeds from the drying pulp. Try to keep the paper towel with the pulp on the dry side to prevent mould.

Have fun with it, it is a magnificent plant in the right conditions!


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