Nerine sarniensis outdoors?

Michael Mace
Mon, 02 Oct 2017 09:06:30 PDT
I participated in the same Zinkowski rescue. I don't think I ever tried any
of them in the ground (if I did, they didn't survive). I have them in
plastic pots on the west side of my house, where they get about three hours
of direct sun a day and reflected light all afternoon. I suspect they'd
prefer to have a little more sun than that, because the flowers lean into
the sun.

I am using pretty much the same cultural practices as Andrew, with the
exception that I'm using 8-inch pots. 

The bulbs definitely do well with some summer water. If they get no summer
water at all, blooming is very sparse. With summer water, some of the
hybrids bloom reliably every year, while some others have never bloomed.
Repotting helps somewhat but not as much as you'd think. They are very
durable plants when grown in pots, and survive despite a lot of neglect!

They've tolerated overnight temps of about 20F (-7C) with no damage. I don't
know how they would do in an extended freeze or snow. That's not a part of
their native climate.

Diane, in your location I suspect they might be happy in a very sunny, well
drained area. Maybe a raised mound? The general area where they're native in
South Africa has extremely well drained soil (it's mostly decomposed quartz
sand), but there's a surprising amount of summer moisture from clouds and
fog that come off the sea, plus occasional erratic rain showers. I think
summer in BC might make them feel right at home.

Please let us know how they do!

San Jose, CA (zone 9)

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