Good time to join PBS

Jane McGary
Mon, 02 Oct 2017 09:44:51 PDT
October is the best time for those in the Northern Hemisphere to plant 
seeds of hardy bulbs, and also the best time to join PBS as a 
dues-paying member eligible to request bulbs and seeds from the popular BX.

New members who join on October 1 or later in the year get the final 
quarter's membership and /also /the full following year. This policy 
reflects the publication schedule of the Bulb Garden newsletter, since 
printing and mailing it is a major expense for the Society. So if you've 
been excited by BX announcements but frustrated that you couldn't order, 
please consider upgrading from this free list to a full membership.

Best wishes for a good bulb season,

Jane McGary

Membership Coordinator, PBS

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