Amaryllis belladonna and lycoris squamigera

Michael Mace
Thu, 07 Sep 2017 16:24:14 PDT
A couple of thoughts about Jim's notes on A. belladonna:

>Grow in full sun

Depends on how much sun you have, but they definitely prefer a lot of light.
Here in sunny California they are OK in part sun. But they're not the sort
of things you'd usually grow in the deep shade of a large tree.

>Bulbs BAKE prior to bloom

Meaning their natural climate is dry most of the summer, although their part
of South Africa does get a bit of occasional rain and fog in summer. I think
some of our Aussie friends have reported that they actually bloom a bit
better when they get a thunderstorm or two in summer, and here in California
they definitely thrive better on the cool coast than they do far inland
where there's no summer fog.

When grown in pots (large pots only), they need light summer moisture so the
roots don't dry out.

>Bulbs dry during the annual growing season

Depends on what you mean by "growing season." They are dry in the blooming
season, but they need rainfall when in leaf, winter-spring.

Hope that helps.

San Jose, CA

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