Lycoris albiflora and DNA analysis

Nicholas plummer
Fri, 08 Sep 2017 04:46:22 PDT
Some questions for the Lycoris experts out there (paging Jim Waddick...).

I'm currently reading the Shi et al. (2014) paper on Lycoris phylogeny and
evolution in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.  Based on their
DNA analysis, the authors identify the putative parents of several Lycoris
hybrids.  Among other things, they conclude that Lycoris albiflora and
Lycoris caldwellii are both hybrids of L. sprengeri x L chinensis.

I currently have a plant purchased as L. albiflora flowering in my garden.
It is a winter foliage-type, like L. radiata, and its flowers look like L.
radiata but are creamy with a pale peach mid vein.  Since L. sprengeri and
L. chinensis are both spring foliage plants, I'm wondering if its ID is

So, questions:

1.  When does the true L. albiflora produce its foliage?

2.  Is the "L. albiflora" of commercial production really L. albiflora or
something else?

3.  Given its blooming season (exactly the same time as L. radiata in my
garden), overall morphology, and winter foliage, might my plant be L.
straminea?  According to Shi et al., L. straminea is L. chinensis x L.
radiata var. pumila.



Durham, NC (zone 7).  Also blooming:  Rodophiala bifida 'Hill Country Red'
and Lycoris radiata var radiata (in the garden), L. aurea (in a pot).
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