Amaryllis belladonna

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 08 Sep 2017 11:04:16 PDT
In the latest issue of our native plant bulletin the President wrote: 
"Many of us get a kick out of the appearance of naked ladies, Amaryllis 
belladonna, and this year the intense pink is pretty powerful. This 
South African plant should
not be allowed to establish in natural areas. It reproduces easily both 
by offsets and by seeds and has become a weed in Western Australia, 
which has a climate similar to ours. This year you can see it in places 
where it clearly was not planted."

I thought seeds generally fell close to the plants. Here in northern 
coastal California people plant Amaryllis belladonna is great numbers 
and when it increases a lot they dig it up and share it with others. So 
I am wondering whether it is true that it appears where it was not 
planted. Does anyone know if birds transport seeds? She is correct that 
this year's flowering has been impressive. Even in my shady garden more 
have been in flower than usual.

On a sunny hillside above our town a lot have been planted and this year 
even more are about to be planted in the same location. I've added 
photos of these plants in the past to the wiki.…

some of the August 2014 photos

I am attaching one of my husband's recent photos that gives you an idea 
of how many there are. One of my friends says looking from a distance 
you can almost make out a face with a big smile. They obviously don't 
usually get summer rainfall from about sometime in May until maybe 
October or November, but temperatures are mild, not hot, and there can 
be a fair amount of summer fog.

Mary Sue

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