Some information about Silverhill Seeds and the Saunders' Gladiolus book

Lee Poulsen
Sun, 05 Aug 2018 18:59:12 PDT
Bruce Schroder posted the following on the Australian Bulb Exchange Facebook group on August 3rd. I thought there were people on the PBS list who might like to know about this. Bruce gave me permission to post it here.

<<I believe yesterday was the memorial service for Rod and Rachel Saunders who were tragically murdered earlier this year doing what they loved best - looking for South African plants and in particular Gladiolus sp.

On behalf of the Australian Bulb Exchange fb Group, I had earlier passed on our most sincere thoughts. I'm sure you would have all supported this gesture.

I have received the following information from Ondine at Silverhill Seeds when I questioned the business's future: "Thanks for being so understanding, yesterday was very emotional. Silverhill will carry on! Rod and Rachel left it to me, I will try and collect myself or I will get people to collect for me. We always bought quite a lot of seed in other than the very odd things Rod and Rachel used to find in the middle of nowhere! The selection might change a bit in the beginning as we start standing on our own, but we hope to carry on with the amazing work and seed selection R&R used to have".

Please continue to support Silverhill Seeds.>>

Also, one of the replies, from Keith Tollis, mentioned that Rod & Rachel Saunders were almost finished with their book on all of the Gladiolus species and had only one more species to photograph when they were murdered. They’re now working on how to fund the completion of the book as a tribute to Rod and Rachel. He didn’t mention who to contact or where to inquire about helping out with this effort, so I don’t know what to tell those on this list who might want to contribute to that effort. Maybe contacting Silverhill Seeds might work?

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